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Sound Solution for Communication Difficulties in a Complex World of Sound
We carry a full product line that can provide hearing accessibility:
  • By extending or adding features with your existing hearing aids
  • By maximizing speech clarity with the use of assistive technology for the television, cell phone or computer
  • Through the addition of wireless features to maximize the range or distance that you can hear and understand at
  • For public venues like meeting rooms, auditoriums, theaters, movie cineplex's, courtrooms, sporting events, museums, or anyplace where people need or want  to hear more clearly what is going on.  One our latest product's, the Hearing Hotspot, is designed to provide hearing access for even normal hearing people in loud environments like sports bars.  This product can stream live audio directly to a person's personal smartphone.
  • Earlink provides professional consulting and design services too meet both ADA accessibility in public venues and the special needs of the hard of hearing  and deaf in the workplace.

We also carry a complete line of hearing protection both passive and electronic to help tame hostile acoustical environments that can be damaging to a person hearing.

  • Passive includes earplugs and ear muffs for adults, children and dogs that will attenuate noise down a set amount of reduction in decibels (dB).
  • Electronic (or active) hearing protectors adapt the reduction by the  level of the sound surrounding you.   These protectors are available in both analog and digital styles and are great for musicians, sportsman, law enforcement and security personal.   Most of the electronic hearing protectors also  allow  for hearing awareness around you while still  protecting you.

The products and services Earlink, LLC carry and provide are designed to protect and/or maximize individual hearing and listening abilities over a broad spectrum of soundscapes and listening environments.

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Hearing Hotspot

An innovative, new listening technology that allows any venue to stream audio via Wi-Fi from TVs, music sources or live programs directly to an individual's smartphone or tablet.

Public Hearing Accessibility

A full line of products that include FM, Infrared, Induction Loop and Soundfield Systems that provide hearing accessibility for individuals.

Educational Accessibility

Wireless solutions for the classroom along with classroom soundfield systems.  Fitting and integration services are available.

New, smaller GSP15

Hearing Protection

We provides hearing protection for musicians, sportsmen, law enforcement and other professions while also meeting the need for awareness hearing of the environment they are in plus radio and/or communication monitoring.  

Earlink, LLC


We have been providing "Acoustical Solutions" for people hearing needs since we opened in 1987

These services include consulting and design to find right solution to peoples hearing and listening in complicated and difficult soundscapes including public venues, the workplace, places of worship or small to large meeting rooms and conference centers.  Providing access to cleaner and clearer speech clarity is what we do.   Contact us for site assessments and hearing accessibility recommendations for your environment.  Since 1992 we have also been providing hearing protection services for people that needed protection from loud sounds but also wanted or needed to hear in noisy working or recreational environments.  These environments can be worksites that are industrial in nature to worksites that musicians play in whether that be a chamber music at a reception, a symphony concert, a small jazz nightclub, or a large concert hall with a heavy metal band.  Recreationally the gallant runs from motorcycles and ATV's to Monster Truck events or the local shooting range.  Earlink will have you covered and your ears protected.

Our Professional Services

  • Site assessments for hearing and listening needs
  • Technology recommendations to allow employees to  meet hearing and listening requirements at work
  • Solutions for adult hearing and listening needs than what just the hearing aid can do by itself
  • Hearing and listening solutions  for educational setting that meet the special needs of teachers and students
  • Design services for wide-area public accessibility in theaters, cineplex's, pubic meeting and hearing rooms, sports bars, sports arenas, ball parks, stadiums, waiting rooms, public announcement areas and other places that hearing and understanding what is said are difficult or challenging.

Our Viking has been  finding hearing solutions for 27-years now.

Helping to provide improved hearing accessibility through modern technology
Helping to provide better hearing protection through modern technology